Are you looking for investment?

If you’re an entrepreneur with big dreams for your business, we get you. And we really want you to succeed.

But chances are, if your enterprise is valued at less than R100-million and you’re looking for funding in the R5-million to R15-million range, private equity investors aren’t biting. And debt is perhaps not a good idea for your business’s long-term sustainability – or is not an option.

This is called the equity gap, where you’re considered neither big enough nor proven enough for investors to risk their capital. And it’s this gap that we at Horizon Equity Partners work to fill: we understand that enterprises such as yours are vital for South Africa’s economic growth, job creation and achieving the shared prosperity to which our country aspires.

We see the need. And we also see the potential.

We bring business creators such as you together with smart investors, as well as highly skilled business mentors, supporting you not only financially but also providing you with all the tools you need to grow your company, strongly and sustainably.

Our application process is simple and straightforward, on purpose. Make no mistake, we do our homework and we adhere to the rules, but we don’t believe that the process should be difficult or onerous.

We stand alone in private equity, because we’re aimed at helping you to grow. So speak to us today!

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